Notes on American Letters: Quarterly Publications

NAL seeks articles that explore engaging and substantial literary texts and brief posts that effectively promote critical thinking in classrooms for grades 6-14. Posts aim to capture the essential ideas of an important news article that includes its central meaning, two or three crucial quotes, similar or contending texts, and information that locates the idea in a periodical or book.

In addition to these important features of NAL, we are introducing five Special Interest features that offer a wide variety of new ways to speak to teachers’ and their students’ particular interests:

  • Artful Literature: Becky Brown (Fall & Spring) – This special interest feature will speak about how a piece of literature and a work of art resonate with one another and how the pair work to vivify one another and clarify a bit further what each means to us.
  • Teacher Reflections: Joan Mitchell (Winter & Summer) – Interviews of superb teachers that explore their basic pedagogical stance, their favorite text to teach, the role of media and technology in their teaching, their special approach to engaging diverse learners, and their favorite resources for fresh, innovative methods.
  • Poet’s Corner: Rachael Duane (Winter & Summer) – This special Interest focuses on poems that are freshly created, that are particularly strong but not widely known, that are drawn from sources not often read by most of us, and other poetic matters that might support our teaching.
  • Live Connections: Tracey Hughes (Spring & Fall) – Engaging ways of entering the conversation about teaching and encountering a variety of teacher groups and individual teachers that might enliven our work as teachers.
  • Wise Words: Lucy Milner (Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer) – In each issue, the Wise Words feature will offer snippets from the writing of miscellaneous observers who have something powerful to suggest to educators (particularly those of English language and letters) and their students.

Looking to submit an article?

Read below to see how the process works

  • Manuscripts should be sent electronically to Hannah Goodwin, Assistant to the Editor ( 
  • Submissions can include up to 1000 words. Authors should use the most important word from their title on the bottom right side of each page alongside the page number of each page. Pages should be double spaced throughout (including quotations, and notes, and work cited) with standard margins.
  • A brief statement should be provided guaranteeing that the manuscript has not been published or is not submitted elsewhere.
  • Copies of everything you send us should be saved as we cannot return any materials to authors.
  • Authors’ names should not appear in the text or the reference list. Substitute “Author” for citations in the text and in the reference list.
  • Manuscripts are reviewed by two Submissions Editors within 20 days of having been received. Suggestions for revision will be provided and the revised text will be returned in 20 days to the author.


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